About Us

Our apologies if you have found us looking for a balloon delivery service. We are not a balloon delivery company. We do not stock bouquets or arrangements, we do not deliver balloons and flowers.
Each piece of balloon art that we create is unique and is custom tailored to our customer's needs, based on occasion and desires. We design balloon decorations exclusively for every event.
See our services page to find out what we offer.
Browse our galleries to see how our designers create unforgettable, unique balloon decorations for you.

We usually do not charge any fees for installation, setup, arrangement, unless it requires special equipment, like in balloon drops.
Delivery fees are based on the event location, we have broken it down into 4 zones (see map below) for simplification:
Zone 1 - free delivery
Zone 2 - delivery fee between $25 and $50
Zone 3 - delivery fee between $50 and $75
Zone 4 - delivery fee is $75 and up


Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns.